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Managed Print Solution

Assess your clients current managed print solutions to identify opportunities.

Have your managed print solution clients needs evolved over the last 18 months? Especially as we navigate the changing climate that the pandemic has thrust upon us. Is it time you assessed each of their situations to ensure you’re supporting your clients with the most appropriate managed print solution for them? 


What should you consider? 


Assess Volumes – What are your client’s current agreement volumes? Have you assessed their historical usage to see how they have been tracking over the last 6, 12 and 18 months? What are they potentially forecasting based on their return to office policy and changes to office occupation rates for the remaining period of their agreement? 

If after assessing and forecasting their future volume there is an opportunity to vary their volume commitments, work with your payment solution partner to come up with the appropriate variation to their managed print solution. Your client will no doubt appreciate you providing a level of pro-active service that surely will exceed their expectations. 

Assess your client’s fleet – What machines are in your client’s fleet? Are there any new, more advanced units that could replace aging, less efficient, less reliable machines? Could this variation of devices provide them with a cost benefit in relation to service charges or unused features present in current machines being omitted from the upgrade units? 

Have you considered additional solutions, both hardware and software related, that could benefit your client based on the evolution of their workflows due to COVID? Could you include these additional solutions in your variation proposal? 


Partner with a Managed Print Solution Specialist 

If you currently partner with 3E Advantage you can take advantage of two key features that are available as part of our Partner Program for print specialists. 

3E Insights 

You can use 3E Insights to identify leads within your portfolio and assess actual volumes versus remaining commitments, since the start of each agreement. This will allow you to complete the volume assessment efficiently before you even contact your client to discuss options.  


You may be able to take advantage of the 3E Investment Pool (3EIP) to assist in reducing the investment required for your new proposal. This may include reducing the payout of their current solution. In-turn reducing the new amount to be financed. 


Contact your Key Account Sales Manager to discuss the tools available to you. 


If you’re not a current partner but wish to find out more about our Partner Program and the benefits available to our partners, contact our team and a dedicated Key Account Sales Manager will call you to discuss. 

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