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It is with great pride that I can confirm that 3E recently passed a very significant milestone in our journey.

We have now written 10,000 separate Agreements since our inception in 2015.

When establishing the business, we set ourselves symbolic milestones and when we wished to achieve them by. A target of 10,000 Agreements seemed so far away all that time ago, but here we are, only 6 years young.

It is very humbling to all of the 3E team that a customer has put their trust in us over 10,000 times over the last 6 years to aid us in achieving this special milestone

None of these Agreements would have been signed had it not been for the tremendous support of  five separate groups of people, namely (i) our 3E colleagues, past and present, who have been on the journey with us and continue to go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service levels which we are known for, (ii) our Vendors/Partners, whose trust in us as their funding partner has enabled us to provide them with the flexibility and transparency of our many products which enhances their sales offerings, (iii) our Funders, who have embraced our model and continue to support our huge variety of Payment Solutions, (iv) our Business Partners who have assisted us in developing systems and processes to efficiently manage our transaction lifecycle and lastly but certainly no means least, (iv) our valued Clients whose custom we never take for granted and whom we have enabled to procure equipment and solutions to help grow their organisations.

Sincere thanks to all the above groups and, more importantly, all the individuals within these groups, for your support in helping us reach our first 10,000 Agreements.

We are already on the journey to the next 10,000. The 3E Advantage team look forward to you coming along for the ride!

Brian Swan

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