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As the world economy navigates these post-covid times where inflation in some locations is hitting double digits and most costs are seeing an increase, it’s time to consider ways to minimise the impact on your business. Software and Services funding may provide you with some options to reduce your costs.


Do you have current software subscriptions?

If you are currently using software within your business on a subscription basis and you are paying monthly, is there an opportunity for you to negotiate a discount on the agreement if you pay up-front for 12 months? It may pay you to fund the annual subscription and pay your finance agreement monthly instead.


Is your subscription agreement for 12 months or longer?

If you have committed to 12 months, are there any discounts available if you were to commit to a 24 or 36 month agreement, paid up front?

Even if your vendor is not willing to provide a discount on your subscription cost, committing to 36 months and paying for it at todays pricing will likely see you obtain a net discount.


Is the capital required holding you back from starting cost saving digital transformation projects?

Are there some digital transformation projects that you are considering that may provide you with some cost savings? Is the capital investment holding you back from starting such a project?

Software and Services funding can be used for professional services such as consulting and implementation of this project too. Realise the cost savings today and pay for your solution over a 24 or 36 month period.


If you would like to know more about all your Software and Services funding options, contact the 3E Advantage team to discuss your circumstances.