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Working from home
Guest post: By Allan O’Donnell of JCurve Solutions The coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) has brought sweeping changes to daily life. One significant change for businesses has been the work from home (WFH) revolution. Numerous employers and employees alike believe that coronavirus will change the way we work permanently, with working from home becoming the norm. Whether you’re...
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Now hiring, Client Service Officer
3E Advantage are seeking a Client Service Officer with preferred previous experience in a collections role, liaising with debtor customers at all levels of industry channels. The purpose of the role is to ensure an excellent service is provided to our clients, partners and funders.   The Job  As a key member of the Client Service team you will be adding value...
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software and service finance
You finance your computer equipment, copiers, furniture, plant and machinery and cars for your business. Did you know, you can also finance your software? This is done with 3E Advantage’s Software and Services Agreement.     How does software finance differ from hardware finance?  Hardware finance is straightforward for most finance providers. They have a tangible asset, that in most cases has a serial number and that has...
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software and services financing
Most IT vendors and resellers are familiar with financing when it comes to hardware sales, but are you aware that you can also fund 100% software sales? With the right payment solution partner, you can access software financing for your software and services solutions.    How does software finance differ from hardware finance?  Hardware finance is straightforward for most...
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Self-funding equipment sales
We come across this every now and then in our discussions with vendor partners and prospects. Purely looking at the headline figures, self-funding your equipment sales looks appealing. As a vendor, you can access credit at your overdraft rate from your business bank, add a little additional margin to the overdraft rate for your added...
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billing and collecting
Why are you billing and collecting your finance agreements for your finance partner?   We’re seeing this more often lately with vendors that we speak to about partnering with 3E Advantage to establish a partner program. When reviewing their current relationship with their incumbent, we are discovering that the partner has been performing the bill...
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impact of covid-19 on asset finance credit
Now that the initial shock of Covid-19 has started to diminish, within our own industry of asset finance, the process of looking forward at the impact of covid-19 and to next steps has begun. I take a look at the impact of covid-19 on asset finance credit in the short term.   Government Support The...
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returning to the office
As restrictions begin to lift, it’s important that businesses prepare their office and their staff for the new normal for the foreseeable future. Here are just a few suggested areas you might wish to consider.   Pre-return preparation  If your office has been lying dormant since late March, it could be worthwhile having a general check completed prior...
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covid-19 update
COVID-19 Update  As we roll through another week of working in isolation and navigating these difficult times, it’s all too easy to miss helpful information as it gets lost in the sea of updates. Below are just a few of our recent posts that we believe are worth a view when you have a few minutes.    Work from...
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work from home (wfh) tips
During these difficult times, it’s important to maintain your mental and physical health. It’s easy to get caught up in the variability of work from home, losing site of any structure you had to your usual office day and often it’s your personal wellbeing that can suffer. Here’s a brief guide on work from home...
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