Happy 9th Birthday, team 3E Advantage ?????

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At 3E, the number 3 has a lot of meaning as we celebrate many of our milestones in 3’s. We will celebrate our 9th birthday on the 22nd January 2024. Our 9th year is our most exciting yet and we would like to celebrate and thank all those who supported us in getting here.

To all our current and previous team members, thanks for all you have contributed to make 3E what it is today. To our valued Partners, thanks for your support and the trust you show in us to service your clients. Thanks also go to our funding partners who support us to deliver our asset payment solutions. A special thanks to friends and family who also provide support that makes what we do possible.

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So why did we choose the name 3E? Well that comes from our 3 focus areas of Evaluate, Enable, Evolve. It is the approach we take to all aspects of what we do. We have certainly Evolved over those 9 years. In focussing in providing coverage to support our partners we have added a direct Sales team in key locations across Australia. We also opened in New Zealand to support our partners who also have offices there. To ensure we could provide support and flexibility to our partners, we added a dedicated marketing team and inhouse legal counsel which helped them win major bids and tenders. We designed and launched several unique and flexible products to enable our partners to deliver the solutions their clients were looking for. We have invested heavily in systems to provide the information our partners need when they need it. Our Partner Portal is going through a refresh so stay tuned to see how that will Evolve over 2024 and beyond. We want to ensure it has the transparency in information whenever you need it, at your fingertips. We have a number of other exciting things planned for our continued evolution through out this year and I look forward to sharing that with you. One of the things that I am most proud of in our first 9 years was how 3E reacted as a team to the challenges Covid threw at us. How we worked with our funders, partners and clients to work through a period of significant uncertainty. Systems and processes were built in a couple of weeks to allow Covid relief plans for clients who needed the support. Work done then is still flowing through to contracts expiring now. It was incredible to watch how the 3E’s of Evaluate, Enable, Evolve came into play then.

As we continue to Evolve we will be growing the 3E team further. Some familiar faces returning to newly created roles. Current team members being promoted as we grow. There is a continued focus on our service delivery to partners and client and this will open opportunities for new team members to join us. We will be building on our 3E OneTeam initiative to support, develop and reward the team. The focus area for us as a team is to ensure our work is Enjoyable, Scalable and Profitable (ESP) with our passion to deliver excellent client service to our partners and clients. So as we roll into our 9th year I feel a great deal of excitement about what lies ahead. What most excites me is I know, as much as we have already achieved, we have not even scratched the surface of our potential. I look forward to realising that potential with each of you.



Peter MacMillan