Asset & Equipment finance partner program

It may all be Asset Finance,  but at 3E Advantage,  we think differently
asset and equipment finance partner program

Globally recognised, industry experts

It is only through experience, the desire to learn and the application of those learnings that we have managed to build a team with a global reputation. By engaging with the team at 3E you gain direct benefit of that expertise

Backed by an unparalleled, feature rich product set

One of the most comprehensive product sets available in the market today. Our payment solutions will have you thinking differently about your competitive advantage, your client needs and your sales approach.

Making the complex simple

We take pride in our service levels, however we think well beyond just the transaction. We are here to support you and your business, now and into the future.

Whether it be preparing documentation, tender responses, discussing sales & marketing strategies or building training platforms, we are here to make the complex simple.

How can an asset & equipment finance partner program help my sales business?

We let you focus on selling your products or solution and our experienced team take care of all the financing aspects of the transaction.

Accelerated sales cycles

Offering asset or equipment finance often removes that sticker shock that leads to drawn out negotiations, potentially involving a larger buying committee due to the level of up-front investment.

Offering a monthly payment can lead to an easier close and quicker decision.

Reduced Administration

3E’s billing options and capabilities offer a smooth client experience and also removes all administrative burden and associated costs from your business.

This enables you to spend more time servicing your existing base and selling to new clients.

Enhanced Cashflow

Asset or equipment finance transactions are paid in full by 3E on the date of settlement.

This helps alleviate cashflow pressure on you when juggling outstanding customer invoices with the need to place orders with distributors and suppliers.

Increased Sales

Extensive data and our experience has shown that just by offering asset or equipment finance to your clients will increase your sales revenue.

Partnering with 3E enables you to offer your clients our extensive range of Payment Solutions, which ensures that you will have the optimal solution for their needs.

How can asset & equipment finance increase my sales?

Higher Margins

A 3E asset finance Payment Solution removes the need to compete on the asset price when competitors are involved. It also allows you to maintain margin, where a change in the asset cost to increase margin makes little difference to the overall monthly payment.

More frequent refresh cycles

By offering a 3E Payment Solution, your customers refresh cycle will align to their agreement length. Align your customers term with the useful life of the solution to ensure a more frequent refresh cycle. Securing your upgrade and ensuring your customer has the most up-to-date and efficient solution for their business.

Key benefits of our asset & equipment finance partner program

Simple and Fast Process

Our Partners deal with 3E because of the response times we give them, particularly around applications and settlements.

We require minimal information to get a decision on an application and unlike many of our competitors who pay on a set day of the week or month, we settle transactions to you on a daily basis.

Education and Training

We will provide your staff with the knowledge that will allow them to add even more value to your clients by providing them with the optimal payment solution when they are acquiring your products and services.

We typically conduct training sessions with our partners on a rolling monthly basis, however we can be as flexible as you require.

Pipeline Management

We take the time to sit down face to face with each of your sales team, on a regular basis, to review the opportunities in their respective pipelines.

3E’s proactive approach to pipeline management enables your sales staff to stay focused on what they are employed to do, sell. We not only increase the productivity of your sales team, but we are also increasing the resources within your sales team at no cost to your own business.

Quoting Tools

3E can provide our partners with a variety of quoting tools which enable you to quote the client at the point of sales without even contacting us, should you wish.

Our tools are very user friendly and can range from straightforward ‘vanilla’ quotes to more detailed and structured quotes, as you require.

Pro-active Reporting

3E can provide any manner of reporting you require regarding your clients’ dealings with us. A good example of a standard report which we can provide is end of term notifications, whereby 3E provide you with a report 18, 12, 9, 6 and 3 months from end of your clients’ contract.

All reports are provided directly, and exclusively, to the partner who introduced us the original transaction.

Billing & Collecting

3E have spent significant time on ensuring our processes around collecting your clients’ monies are fast, safe and secure.

We have automated our payment processes which ensure the utmost efficiency, and we can provide you with real time data around all of your clients’ accounts.

We appreciate the time and effort required in collecting monies from your clients. By partnering with us, you can minimise the administrative burden and cost for your business.

Introducing 3E Vendor Insights Portal

As a 3E-VIP user, we want our partners to retain their clients by using our valuable data to highlight upgrade opportunities, including the optimal moments to bring forward potential upgrades based on timing or, in the case of usage agreements, total usage.

All this and more is possible, with 3E-VIP.

Partner Testimonial

Dealing with a finance firm didn’t seem like it would be fun, but 3E Advantage has disproved my preconceptions.

They provide a wide choice of finance options that are suitable for our company, and they have excellent phone and email response times, something that is not all that common these days.

Every member of the staff with whom I have interacted has been very helpful and, more importantly for me, friendly.

I’ve been pleasantly impressed by 3E Advantage in a lot of ways.

Craig Fildes - Best Office Systems
General Manager

$640+ mil

Total amount financed


Agreements funded


Assets under management
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Average Partner Feedback Satisfaction score of 4.8

We offer our partners the opportunity to provide feedback on every trasnsaction. With over 200 responses, we have an enviable average customer satisfaction score of 4.8. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the feedback we have received in these responses, below.

  • Once again, all questions were answered promptly and accurately. Paperwork forwarded to customer on request and finalized without issue. Thanks again for doing what you do so well.

  • Always very responsive to requests and easy to get accurate answers. Thank you again for being so easy to deal with.

  • Excellent service as per usual. Staff are well informed and very responsive.

  • I really appreciate the easy and clear communication with the team members I encounter. It’s a breath of fresh air to feel supported every step of the way.

  • Service was well coordinated the whole way through. I appreciate the extra lengths a staff member will go to ensure the correct information is gathered (opposed to bouncing it back to me).

  • The 3E team is always great to work with. Efficient, professional and pleasant.

  • Very satisfied with 3E’s response and approval times and helping attitude.

  • This was an extraordinarily difficult one that required a lot of work from your team. Legal involvement and multiple attempts over a few months and your team never complained once!! Exemplary service. Thanks.

  • Always prompt approvals and payment, great communication to make sure we are on the same page!

  • We find that the 3E team will always find a solution for the client and the dealer. The communication is very good with our clients and with our staff. Well done 3E Advantage.

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