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Increased margins and greater visibility with 3E’s Vendor Partner Program

Our Partner

3E’s partner is a successful, thriving print solutions and service expert, based in South Australia, servicing a vast array of business in the Barossa Valley Region.


Our Partners Challenge

3E’s partner had been using a local broker for their payment solution requirements, however rates were high and approval rates low.

They were having to be more hands on with their finance applications than they liked, in terms of getting documentation completed/signed by their clients and following up on outstanding supporting requirements for an application.

In addition to the above, they were also experiencing long delays at settlement. Delaying when they received final payment for the transaction, negatively affecting their cashflow.

There was also little to no visibility of their finance portfolio. This limited their ability to manage transactions through their lifecycle and identify upgrade opportunities within their portfolio.


3E’s Solution

3E introduced our partner to the 3E Partner Program, which includes access to a full suite of print-centric solutions, maximising our partners ability to win business when up against competitors who typically only provide conventional payment solutions.

The 3E Partner Program also includes access to industry specialists focused on ensuring each transaction proceeds with as little involvement from our partners team as is necessary. Introducing greater efficiencies to our partners team and ensuring payments solutions are a positive addition to their sales process, not a hindrance.

The 3E Partner Program also provided our partner with increased visibility of their portfolio throughout each transactions lifecycle, through 3E Insights, our web based portfolio tracking tool.



Our Partner has:
  1. Gained greater efficiency through no longer needing to manage the document completion and application follow up process.
  2. Improved speed to settlement leading to prompt payment of invoices, minimising cashflow constraints.
  3. Realised increased margins, as they now use 3E’s various print-centric products to differentiate from competitor offerings rather than discounting.
  4. Greater visibility of their payment solution based portfolio, allowing them to identify and action upgrade opportunities as soon as possible.

Summary of Benefits

  1. Greater efficiency
  2. Improved speed to  settlement
  3. Realised increased margins
  4. Greater visibility

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