Vendor Insights Portal

Become a 3E-VIP user with access to valuable insights, via our NEW Vendor Insights Portal (VIP).

Our Vendor Insights Portal (VIP) is more than just an application portal. As a 3E-VIP user, we want our partners to retain their clients by using our valuable data to highlight upgrade opportunities, including the optimal moments to bring forward potential upgrades based on timing or, in the case of usage agreements, total usage. All this and more is possible, with 3E-VIP.

It’s the transparency of information that sets us apart from our competition. We deliver our valuable 3E Insights via our Vendor Insights Portal. This portal provides an easy-to-use interface to our partners, for all your asset finance requirements.

Key Features

Calculate Quotes

Calculate finance quotes for your client with our easy to use finance calculator. This allows you to quickly calculate up to 3 options, duplicating key information and adjusting for term, finance type or other parameters.

Once you have confirmed which option you wish to go with, easily start an application with the calculation pre-populated in our online application form.

Submit Applications

Submit your applications for funding 24/7 via VIP. Your application is fed directly to the 3E application queue to be processed by our team, during business hours. Once your application has been reviewed and actioned, you will be able to track its progress via your Work In Progress (WIP) tab.

Manage your Portfolio

Our highly customisable report views make it easy for you to keep track of your portfolio.

Whether it’s transactions on the go and checking in on their current status, or reviewing your clients current agreements and assets. All this and more is easy with the drag and drop grouping, quick text filtering and sorting by any column.

Identify Upgrade Opportunities

Use your personal Client Summary dashboard to identify at a glance the opportunities in your portfolio. Quickly view those immediate opportunities that are in Inertia or due to come to end of term in the next 12-18 months.

If your portfolio includes usage based agreements, get an immediate view of those agreements that have reached 80% of their contracted volume. The perfect time to start a conversation with your client about upgrade/renewal options.

Instant Payouts, at your fingertips

Calculate immediate agreement and individual asset payouts 24/7.

Advanced Volume based features

Our Vendor Insights Portal is tailor-made for those selling volume or usage based solutions. With volume solutions and VIP, you're in complete control of your portfolio, 24/7.

View each asset and its details, including anticipated volume, actual volume, start date, expiry date and status.

View monthly readings as reported at an agreement level and down to the individual assets.

Plus, view your clients historical invoices, with all the relevant usage and charges details.

Identify opportunities with our helpful colour coding of volumes. Once a contracted volume reaches or exceeds 80% the volume will be green.

See what our users think...

  • So easy to access data… making my life so much simpler!
    Thank you to the 3E team for developing such a user friendly, insightful tool.

    Tracy R - SA
  • …the new portal is amazing!

    I now have access to all the information relating to my customers that I need.
    The system is extremely user friendly and now lets you search on other fields like serial number, not just the company name.

    Also the new invoicing view is a great feature.

    Ra E - NSW
  • Love the new portal and it was demonstrated in great detail. Excited to start utilising it!

    Mark H - WA
  • I love the new portal . It makes upgrading so much easier with the added information we can see now .

    Sash I - VIC

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