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Overcome budget constraints and realise increased margins with 3E’s Master Rental Agreement

Our Partner

3E’s partner is a respected provider of electronic security services, specialising in providing quality, affordable, and technologically advanced security and remotely monitored video systems to businesses Australia wide.


Our Partners Challenge

3E’s partner identified an opportunity to promote one of their industry leading solutions to local councils to aid in the monitoring of illegal dumping activity in known sites. This solution would potentially net their prospects more than the outlay for the solution through proof and validation during the fines process.

Predominantly a cash-based industry, our partner was experiencing delays, or even worse, non-closure of opportunities. Budget constraints or a bureaucratic approval process for the investment amount were hindering our partners success, even with their strong cost benefit case.


3E’s Solution

3E’s dedicated Key Account Sales Manager took the time to understand our partners challenge and proposed the use of a Master Rental Agreement to establish the initial agreement. This would allow flexibility for streamlined add-on of equipment once the solution had proven its worth to our partners customers.

Understanding the target customer and the solution, our Key Account Sales Manager also proposed the most suitable terms to make the payment appealing, whilst establishing a suitable upgrade opportunity timeline for our partner.

Our Partner appreciates the benefits that come with a payment solution offering and now offers their specialist solution exclusively via a 3E payment solution.



Our Partner has:
  1. Flexibility to add additional equipment to their customers solution under the Master Rental Agreement established during the initial transaction.
  2. Overcome budget constraints by offering what would traditionally be an up-front capital investment as a monthly operating expense, spreading the cost over 12 to 60 months.
  3. Realised increased margins, as offering the monthly payment solution limits the need to offer discounts when attempting to close the opportunity where a capital budget constraint or approval process exists.

Summary of Benefits

  1. Flexibility
  2. Overcome budget constraints
  3. Realised increased margins

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