We are so much more than an IT and Print financier

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More than just an IT and Print financier

We get this a lot. Our partners or clients, many of whom are long standing, reach out to our team with a query that starts something like this:
“Hey, I know you finance [insert any office device here] but I was just wondering whether you can help with financing all our/my clients other business assets we/they are acquiring?”

The answer from us is invariably, YES!  

Whilst we are particularly good at the traditional office devices space, we are more than an IT and Print financier, we also offer asset and equipment finance for many other solutions. This can include -but is not limited to – cars, trucks, robotics, solar, drones, furniture, racking, HVAC, software, refrigeration, security systems, EV (electric vehicles) chargers, plus much more…  

If it is not on this list but it is a part of the operations of your business, or you sell a solution to businesses that is integral to their operations, chances are we can assist you. 

Our Key Account Sales Managers enjoy working with Australian and New Zealand businesses to help them realise their potential. Whether buying or selling, we are here to help. 

If you are a supplier or reseller, we want to speak to you about your solution, your clients and your sales model and we will then tailor an asset or equipment finance payment solution via a partner program that may help you; increase your margins, accelerate your sales cycles, improve your cashflow and reduce your administration. 

If you are an Australian or New Zealand business that is looking to acquire assets or equipment for your business, then speak to our team about your solution and your business model. Our team will provide you with the optimal asset or equipment finance payment solution to help you achieve your objectives today, whilst conserving your capital for expenses and investments other than operational assets or equipment.