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Improved cashflow and reduced administration with 3E’s software payment solutions

Our Partner

Our Partner is a cloud ERP vendor, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. They provide small and medium businesses with a one system ERP, bringing together accounting, warehouse and inventory, CRM, sales and marketing, eCommerce, and more. In turn, helping their customers reclaim time, save money and boost profit.


Our Partners Challenge

They had an existing relationship with a funder who was providing them with finance solutions for their customers at a transactional level. The previous funder provided a single term solution of 12 months for all transactions. Consequently, our Partner believed this to be the only option available for their customers.

This relationship was purely transactional, with little to no involvement from the incumbent. For example, there was little work done to understand our Partners sales model and how they could assist to provide the most appropriate payment solution through training, pipeline management, solution structuring etc.


3E’s Solution

3E took time to understand our Partners business model and their customers’ requirements and identified an opportunity which they didn’t know they had. 3E showed our Partner that we could provide a partner program, offering payment solutions to their customers for terms of up to 3 years for software and associated services.

In addition, we also proved to them the benefits of proactively leading with a 36-month payment solution on their proposals to their customers.

3E provided them with a dedicated Key Account Sales Manager who called into their NSW Head Office on a weekly basis. Importantly, these visits provide the opportunity for ongoing training and support to the sales team, as well as building and maintaining relationships at all levels of both organisations. As a result, a true partnership between both organisations has formed.



Our Partner has:
  1. significantly enhanced their own cashflow, and the cashflow of their customers, by enabling them to provide longer term solutions rather than an annual only, one option solution.
  2. removed the administration burden of annual renewals and the cost of collecting from their clients directly as 3E now maintains this function.
  3. realised increased margins, as they did not have to discount so heavily due to the differentiation which 3E’s payment solution provided them when up against the traditional 12-month offerings.
  4. Most importantly, their customer satisfaction and retention increased.

Summary of Benefits

  1. Enhanced cashflow for our Partner and their Customers
  2. Removal of administration burden of annual renewals
  3. Realised increased margins
  4. Increased customer satisfaction and retention

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