Why you should consider engaging with an asset finance partner to establish a Vendor Finance Program

News > Why you should consider engaging with an asset finance partner to establish a Vendor Finance Program
Vendor Finance program

For businesses selling a solution to other businesses, the right vendor finance program means three things to your business:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Client Retention
  • Decreased “Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)” or improved Cash Flow

If this has piqued your interest, then here is a quick summary on what to look for;

First of all, engaging with an asset finance partner should not cost you any money whatsoever. If anything, when structured appropriately, it can in fact add income to your existing business. It will however require an investment of your time. A successful Vendor Finance Program is based on a long-term relationship where your selected partner understands your business, so processes, procedures and or solutions can evolve and adapt as your business does.

Like any relationship, without transparency, things can quickly go astray. If you are constantly surprised by things you were not previously made aware of, then the relationship is destined to fail, and your clients are likely to experience a poor level of service which will have a direct impact on your business.

An experienced asset finance partner knows that they are dealing with your clients. They are not the clients of the asset finance partner, no matter what any legal document says. They are your clients and you should be aware of any correspondence.

Most asset finance partners will have a Sales team, BDM’s, whatever they may be called that will work hand in hand with your team. If you do not hear the words “Have you thought about?” then they are adding very limited value to your team and the results will reflect this limited value.

And finally, if you genuinely want to increase your revenue, improve client retention and improve your cash flow, ensure the asset finance partner is explaining the process they follow beyond the initial sale. An asset finance agreement is typically for 12 plus months and in some industries up to 60 months. The asset finance partner may end up engaging with your client more times than you do, during that period. Staying informed on this engagement and understanding the process they follow beyond the initial sale will enable you to achieve the above outcomes.

In summary;

  • An investment of your time
  • Transparency
  • Your Clients
  • Have you thought about?
  • Full life Cycle Engagement

If in doubt, speak to the team at 3E Advantage. – It’s about the people

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