asset finance
overcome b2b sales hesitancy

How to overcome price resistance or hesitancy to commit to your B2B solution in the current climate

  Over the last 24 months, many businesses have used record low overdraft rates from their traditional bank or financial institution to buy or upgrade business assets. As a vendor, supplier, or reseller, you may not have been aware of this. You may simply see this as a cash sale. As rates continue to increase,...
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upward trend

Take advantage of asset and equipment finance

It may seem counterintuitive to look at asset and equipment finance when rates are on the increase and supply issues are causing inflationary pressure on pricing, but here are a few reasons why right now, is a good time to take advantage of asset and equipment finance for your business.   Rates are trending upwards,...
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Asset Finance Partner

Why you should consider engaging with an asset finance partner to establish a Vendor Finance Program

For businesses selling a solution to other businesses, the right vendor finance program with the right asset finance partner means three things to your business:   Increased Revenue Increased Client Retention Decreased “Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)” or improved Cash Flow   If this has piqued your interest, then here is a quick summary on what...
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Cash Is King

Cash is King – Why your cash flow is important

If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, finance it… It can’t be any more straightforward for a business, cash is king. Your cash and liquidity are extremely important. Even more so in the current economic climate. Think back to this time last year and the impact that COVID-19 and the subsequent lock-downs had on...
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Tender and enterprise level asset finance specialist

Partnering with a tender and enterprise level asset finance specialist

Do you sell to government, education or large corporate clients? If you do, no doubt you have experienced the tender response process, or the negotiations involving multiple legal and operational parties to progress to a signed order. For many government, education or large corporate clients, it is expected that you will offer a finance solution. One that is...
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software and services financing

Software financing solutions for vendors

Most IT vendors and resellers are familiar with financing when it comes to hardware sales, but are you aware that you can also fund 100% software sales? With the right payment solution partner, you can access software financing for your software and services solutions.    How does software finance differ from hardware finance?  Hardware finance is straightforward for most...
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Self-funding equipment sales

Self-funding your equipment sales. Is it a wise move?

We come across this every now and then in our discussions with vendor partners and prospects. Purely looking at the headline figures, self-funding your equipment sales looks appealing. As a vendor, you can access credit at your overdraft rate from your business bank, add a little additional margin to the overdraft rate for your added...
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billing and collecting

Why are you billing and collecting your finance agreements for your finance partner?

We’re seeing this more often lately with vendors that we speak to about partnering with 3E Advantage to establish an asset finance partner program. When reviewing their current relationship with their incumbent, we are discovering that the partner has been performing the billing and collecting function on behalf of their finance partner. Our immediate question...
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power up your sales

Power up your sales – How including a payment solution in all your proposals can improve your sales

  Savvy equipment manufacturers and resellers are doing it. Are you? If you sell equipment to businesses and you don’t have a payment solution available to your customers, chances are your clients have asked you the question. They may have even organised their own and you have inadvertently dealt with a third-party financier, whom you...
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