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Tender and enterprise level asset finance specialist

Do you sell to government, education or large corporate clients? If you do, no doubt you have experienced the tender response process, or the negotiations involving multiple legal and operational parties to progress to a signed order. For many government, education or large corporate clients, it is expected that you will offer a finance solution. One that is tailored to their needs too. 

Do you have an asset finance partner with the knowledge, skills and systems to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your tender and enterprise level asset finance requirements? One that adds value to your offering and assists you in getting negotiations “over the line’”? The right partner for large ticket tender type transactions for your government, education and large corporate clients must provide you with: 

  • Expertise in large ticket transactions
    Does your asset finance partner have the appropriate experience, payment solutions and systems to assist you in understanding your enterprise level clients’ requirements, even before they have communicated them? 
  • Assistance with legal negotiations
    Many government, education or large corporate clients will have internal policies that dictate what they will or will not accept in relation to legal agreements for the acquisition of a vendor’s solution. Without the right asset finance partner, vendors can be left waiting on third party financiers who do not have a vested interest in ensuring the transaction proceeds as seamlessly as possible, with the interest of the vendor balanced with that of the client. An asset finance partner must have the resources and experience to assist you in these negotiations.
  • Appropriate pricing for the type of credit
    Government, education and large corporate clients are inherently classified by funders as less risky than SME’s. But not all funders have an appetite to fund these large transactions at the lower margins that should go hand-in-hand with the less risk. This may be due to available lending credit constraints or a need to meet a total portfolio weighted average contribution margin. Do you have access to the most appropriate “big ticket” pricing for your solutions? 


Partner with a tender and enterprise level asset finance specialist 

The leadership team at 3E Advantage has well over 100 years of experience between them supporting vendor partners via partner programs. We can support our vendor partners with both small and large ticket transactions for their clients. We have built an enviable capability in negotiating large ticket transactions with government & corporate clients. We have been involved in and played a critical role in many “large ticket” transactions. Providing our vendor partners with creative solutions to payment problems for their proposal request responses.  

Our systems ensure we can manage the initial transaction and maintain the agreement throughout its firm term, providing our vendor partners with the appropriate information at critical stages of the agreement lifecycle. 

tender and enterprise level asset finance specialist

3E Advantage provide our partners with access to our dedicated internal Legal Counsel. Our Legal Counsel negotiates on payment solution agreements on a daily basis for transactions ranging from $100K to $10s of millions. They are focused on ensuring you as a partner can provide your client with the appropriate solution, tied to an agreeable asset finance solution for all parties. Vendor, client, 3E and funder. 

3E Advantage has also worked with its panel of funders to establish the most appropriate funding options for government, education and large corporate clients. A funding option that is specifically focused on these entity types.

If you sell to government, education or large corporate and you’re not receiving the best possible support from your asset finance partner, talk to 3E Advantage about how we may assist you. 

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