Power up your sales – How including a payment solution in all your proposals can improve your sales

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power up your sales

Savvy equipment manufacturers and resellers are doing it. Are you?

If you sell equipment to businesses and you don’t have a payment solution available to your customers, chances are your clients have asked you the question. They may have even organised their own and you have inadvertently dealt with a third-party financier, whom you have no partnership with, adding both time and further risk of the deal not proceeding.
If this is you, why are you not offering a payment solution as part of your proposal? It takes very little effort to include it but can power up your sales considerably.

Extensive data and our research has shown that just including a payment solution in your proposal may increase your sales.

“I’ve been involved in a study run by a multi-national software vendor that discovered a 24% increase in sales where a finance offer was included in the customers initial proposal. This includes all sales, not just finance”

Brian Swan, Director – 3E Advantage

Maintain momentum

You’ve done the hard work, your customer has agreed to your proposal, the only sticking point is the capital investment and how they will fund it. Your customer is considering whether they can afford the upfront outlay, or they are looking to introduce a bank or finance company into the equation, which can be time consuming and frustrating. This can severely stifle your momentum and delay your close, or worse still, stop it in its tracks.

By partnering with a payment solution specialist and including payment options in your initial proposal, your customer is fully informed up front and, in most cases, will be comfortable with the monthly investment early on. This will enable you and your customer to focus on your solution and the benefits it will bring to their business.

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