Happy 4th Birthday to the 3E team

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Happy Birthday 3E

My diary reminder went off “3E Advantage Birthday of incorporation – incorporated 22 January 2015”. I could not believe 4 years had passed already. It seems like only yesterday I wrote a reflection on our first year. You can read that original post here.

Well I think it is time to slow down a little, reflect again and thank all those who have made our fantastic journey at 3E possible.

To our panel of funders who provide the facilities we use to service our clientele. Many whom have backed us since day one and others who have joined us along the way as we grew. Thankyou. They were followed by the partnerships and relationships that have grown with excellent local and international business equipment vendors and clientele. Those relationship have been built on trust and mutual respect and allowed enormous growth in a very short period of time. Thanks also to our business partners, who have assisted us in developing systems and processes that are market leading and some in fact unparalleled in the market. We look forward to sharing with you all more of the exciting aspects of that very soon.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the incredible support we receive from our families and friends. Without that support we could not have achieved what we have in such a short space of time.

Well there is no doubt we would not be in the position we are today without all the talent we have been fortunate to have joined us over the last 4 years. A mix of experienced industry leaders balanced with young, talented and customer focused professionals. We keep that mix today with two more hires in the last week that fit that balance too. We look forward to them joining and adding to the team in February. From the team that were here from the start, to the additional team members that are joining us now, I feel incredibly grateful. I am so excited to see what we can achieve in the years ahead.

So to Swanny, Birch, Thomo, Shanny, Marto, Frank, Dean, Ann, Stuart, Dori, Cliffy, Erica, Tara, Jamie, Paulette, Maddy, Rose, Ayano and soon to join us, Sean and Ann-Marie, happy 4th Birthday team. If we keep growing at the current rate then I am going to have to take a bigger breath before I say that.

Ch3Ers and thank you all.

Peter MacMillan