To thrive as a sales organisation you need to be nimble, innovative and competitive. The same goes for your sales people.

The 3E Asset Finance Solution helps you reach your goals by offering a wide ranging and superior asset finance experience.
We work with Partners who share our vision of building long term mutually beneficial relationships.
Our focus is on maximising your business outcomes.


We establish up front the critical business outcomes for you and your customers. This collaborative approach provides value to both you as our partners and to your clients. We lay the foundations for an ongoing working relationship to make your job as simple as possible. By establishing your goals up front we can create and deliver a value proposition with mutual benefit outcomes and optimum results.
It’s important for us to take the time to understand your problems so we can help establish your opportunities. This process requires time and a joint commitment from both parties to understand how to best serve the needs of your clients. Today’s fast changing world means there are always new answers and approaches to situations emerging at every turn.
Upfront thinking and evaluation helps you pinpoint and deliver great results.


We scope and develop the best asset finance solutions to help maximise your sales success. Our vendor partners see value in forming long term relationships which help us to move and grow with your business and its ever changing requirements.
One of the key facets of our operation is being open and honest at all times. As your partner, we commit to providing you or your clients with the right solution to solve your problem or enhance your results.
Our goal is to provide open, clear cut communication. We give you access to information and tools to shorten sales cycles, achieve repeat business and give your clients an experience which they will want to repeat.


3E are committed to challenging the status quo to present solutions that surpass your business needs.
Our team is focussed on building long term partnerships through unambiguous and regular communication during the entire asset finance life cycle. This enables targeted and simple upgrade of the facility, creating repeat business opportunities for you and your team. We will work with you to develop and evolve innovative and flexible solutions to remain in step with rapidly changing technological solutions and business advances.

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