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Great News! We have just completed a major upgrade to our systems to enhance our notifications that are distributed up to and at the end of term for each agreement.

This enhancement will greatly improve the communication -in relation to agreements- we provide to both our partners and their clients. 

Our partner’s salespeople will now receive an automated notification via email when their clients agreements are nearing their expiry date or volume. These notifications will provide them with the opportunity to begin evaluating their client’s current situation, and if appropriate, prepare an upgrade proposal well before the expiry date of their current agreement. Further notifications will automatically trigger as the expiry date draws near to ensure the assigned salesperson doesn’t miss an opportunity.

If you’re a current partner of 3E Advantage and you wish to know more, contact your Key Account Sales Manager.

If you’re not a current partner but you are in business equipment or software sales and your current finance partner doesn’t offer this valuable sales tool, perhaps it’s time to speak with 3E Advantage

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