What have the 3E team been up to during the recent lock downs?

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What have the team at 3E Advantage been up to during the recent lock downs throughout the country? In amongst continuing to provide our vendor partners, their clients and our direct clients with the best possible service we can in these challenging times, there has also been fun and games, a major IT project and a grand opening in a new country! 


Games, games aaaand… more games! 

With the use of Microsoft Teams, Erika Faichney, our Northern Key Account Sales Manager, has established 2-3 remote games events for the entire team on a weekly basis. She has passed the baton to other team members on occasions to run events but she is our OG Games Master. The team have thoroughly enjoyed the fun and banter.  

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Microsoft Business Central migration project 

Whilst the remoteness provides additional challenges, our project team, headed by Director Craig Birchall, has been hard at work migrating our back-office systems to Microsoft Business Central. 

Our front-office systems were built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 architecture. As the business has grown, it became apparent that migrating the back-office to Microsoft architecture that would provide us the ability to scale and customise as the business further evolved, was the best option. 

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Opening our office in New Zealand 

It is with great excitement that we announce that our New Zealand operations have commenced. We have opened a local operation in Auckland and have begun discussions with our current Australian based partners with operations in New Zealand on establishing our processes and procedures to ensure we can service their requirements. 

We will be extending this soft launch full throttle in the coming months to provide the entire New Zealand market with the 3E Advantage.  

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The lock downs have been challenging for all. With 3E’s exceptional cloud-based systems, our strong culture and powerful camaraderie amongst the team, we believe we have weathered these lock downs considerably well. 

We look forward to the point where we overcome these lock downs and the business gets back to face-to-face meetings and staff back in the office, but until then, we fear we’re going to hear “you’re on mute” a few more times…