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Business Central Migration

When 3E Advantage was established, a heavy focus was placed on developing our systems and processes to provide our various stakeholders with the best customer experience. As we’ve grown our systems and processes have evolved to meet those changing needs and level of business. 

Our core front-office solution has been developed on the flexible and scalable Microsoft Dynamics 365 architecture. This has allowed us to develop some best-of-breed solutions and processes that assist our partners, their clients, our direct clients and our funders when transacting with us. 

Until now, consciously, our back-office has not seen the same focus. Our back-office systems, whilst robust, has not provided us with the same level of flexibility and scalability that has been possible with our front-office solutions. 

We started a project earlier in the year to address our back-office solution to future proof our back-office and ensuring like our front-office, that it too will be flexible and scalable. 

To take advantage of interoperability, Microsoft Business Central was selected as the preferred platform. An internal team of experts was established to work alongside our trusted Microsoft partner Ecleva, led by Patrick Northcott. 

After countless hours in addition to their “day job” the team are now in the final stages of our Go Live Preparation.  

The project had more than a few hurdles thrown at it, not least of all the COVID-19 restrictions that have seen a large portion of the project completed during recent lock-downs, both locally and abroad. 

The rest of the 3E team wish to thank this project team on their efforts thus far. We look forward to the improvements this will deliver the business. The 3E team consisted of: Craig Birchall, Jamie Lee, Rose Carruthers, Catherine Van Luxemborg, Fern Lim and Shantell Bauer.  

If your business is looking to undertake a similar project, we would be happy to share our knowledge & learnings regarding our Microsoft Business Central Migration project with you. 

If you wish to fund your project, both licensing and professional services, we can discuss this with you too!