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3E lock down games

It started with a slew of calendar invites in week one of the Sydney lock down. Erika Faichney, Northern Key Account Sales Manager, decided that it was important to maintain a positive mood amongst the team and locked in some much-needed distractions to everyone’s weekly calendars. 

We had an in-your-own-time Bingo game which included some soon to be all too common Teams moments on the card such as “you’re on mute” or “can you hear me?”, plus an emphasis on the lock down life such as working from your bedroom, or taking a Teams conference call out on a walk. 

Next came some end of week trivia and Pictionary. I know it’s surprising, but these images have not come from a Year 1 home schooling moment, they are from 3E staff who were brave enough to sketch in Teams. Let’s just say we haven’t unearthed the next Picasso amongst our team. 

The price is right was entertaining too. Using a majority of household items made it quite obvious who did and didn’t shop in their household!  

These various games have been received by the wider 3E team very positively. Everyone gets involved and there is some welcome banter too. 

If you haven’t initiated something similar within your team, we strongly suggest you do. We’re sure everyone will enjoy it as much as the 3E team do. 

There are some helpful websites that will give you some tips. This one in particular was used by our Games Master, Erika. 

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