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work from home (wfh) tips

Whilst many of our team have benefited from flexible working and WFH for some time, having it thrust on you and every day, for the entire team, comes with its challenges for even the most well-prepared business. We thought it might be useful to share some of the articles we have read and some of our own experiences that may provide you with some work from home (WFH) tips. 

We’ve put together a few links to helpful articles and guides to help you navigate WFH both as an employer and an employee. 


Our friends over at JCurve Solutions have published a helpful guide. There is also a link to their Business Continuity guide at the bottom. 

Inc magazine has put together some advice from some seasoned WFH professionals (and newcomers) and a summary of their staffs biggest surprises so far. Article also contains some great links to previous articles on this topic, published before the COVID crisis. 



An important topic when it comes to WFH. An organisation has less control over the wider environment but there are some helpful tips out there and advice on what you need to consider. A great official source is the Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Security Centre. They have put together an essentials guide. 


Advice to business 

Advice to businesses from the CEO of a majority WFH team who has been managing majority remote workforces for over 20 years. 

Microsoft shared publicly a guide they had provided to their own staff. It may be helpful to provide to your own staff. 

PC Mag have published a helpful comparison of the various videoconferencing tools available to businesses if you’re still undecided about the best tool for your businesses. 


Advice to individuals 

For those that have been thrust into the WFH scenario but are finding some or all of it a little daunting. LinkedIn learning have put together a helpful blog with links to many short courses (as short as 18 mins) to help you (and your staff/colleagues) get the most out of working from home. 

They have also posted a short article containing 6 tips for working remotely. 

For those active on LinkedIn, you may want to search for the trending hashtags of: 

#WFH and #RemoteWork for some other great ideas. 


Our thoughts 

We have previously written about our transition to remote work. Initially we ensured all staff had the appropriate tools and access to our cloud based eco-system tallow them to smoothly switch to remote work and then when appropriate, we transitioned to all staff working from home whilst ensuring minimal disruption to service levels. 

It has now been over two weeks of the entire 3E Advantage team working remotely. Procedures wise everything is working as anticipated with minimal changes and little to no learning curve on most of our solutions.  


Microsoft Teams 

At the epicentre of the 3E teams collaboration is Microsoft Teams. Our staff are embracing the social connectivity made possible with MS Teams for rolebased huddles, internal one-to-one meetings, wider subject matter meetings, general informal chat and even a virtual Friday night drinks. 

We can’t recommend Microsoft Teams highly enough. Teams can be used for free (with feature limitations), plus, Microsoft is currently running a 6-month free promotion. You can find out more about the free version and its features and the 6-month promotion at their official product page. 


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