Does improving your personal well-being improve your business?

News > Does improving your personal well-being improve your business?

I’m about to find out the answer to the above.

At 3E our mantra is to challenge the status quo in order that we can provide our vendors and clients with the optimal payment solutions when they are acquiring assets for their business. In order to provide all of our partners and clients with the best possible solution for them, we have to think outside of the box and continually innovate. Our team at 3E are exceptional at doing this but I think we can always be better and, on a personal level, I am convinced that improving my well-being will benefit my work and all the people around me.

After too many years of pretending that I was doing enough exercise to keep the dreaded ‘middle aged spread’ at bay, I have taken a big mental leap and committed to an intensive three month course of improving my well-being over the summer.

We have all heard the phrase, “healthy body equals healthy mind” and assuming that is true, the end result will be a positive for myself and everyone around me.

  1. I am embarking on this challenge (as it is a big challenge) for a number of reasons, but mainly;
  2. I am 46 years old and I want to be actively involved with my kids as they grow
  3. I want to be more productive at work which will help our business grow
  4. I am a happy guy but I want to be happier

My goal is not to reach a certain weight or waist size as they will be consequences of my actions. My goal is to establish an exercise and nutritional routine which is sustainable beyond the first three months.

All of us have heard commitments, such as the one I am making, from friends, family and colleagues in the past and by writing this blog/diary I am hoping all my friends, family and colleagues will support me in reaching my goal.

It is a difficult time of year to be undertaking this challenge but I am taking the view that by waiting until January, as I have done in the past when deciding I need to get fitter, is just putting it off unnecessarily.

The first week has gone pretty well with a few ups and downs already – this week has involved good levels of exercise but that has been countered with good levels of alcohol as the Christmas party season is in full swing. The good news is that mentally I am in a good space and am 100% committed to my goal.

Stay tuned to assess my progress throughout the next 3 months.

Author – Brian Swan