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I was recently talking with another business who had put a team photo up on LinkedIn. You could tell the minute you saw the photo that it had been professionally done and looked amazing. However for those that know me well, I can on occassion throw my five cents into the mix with an unsolicited opinion.

Whilst the team looked extremely sharp and it was a great photo all the men were wearing suits and ties. My comment was short and sweet. “Do you think you should lose the ties?”

My view was that whilst they needed to maintain a professional image, personally I felt that their target audience would be a bit more receptive to a slightly more causal look.

I have not put on a tie in a long time. In fact the last time I would have put on a tie would have been for a wedding I attended. However in the professional world, I cannot actually recall when I last put on a tie.

Whilst I work in the B2B world with numerous professionals I am not alone. In writing this blog I am trying to remember the last client I visited that was also wearing a tie. I do see some industires that continue the trend, typically the large corporate banks or legal.

However outside of this, I am not sure there are many industries left who do.

So I am curious…

Are the days of wearing a tie in the professional world finally started to reach its end?

What industry are you in and do you still wear a tie?

Author – Craig Birchall