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COVID-19 Update 

As we roll through another week of working in isolation and navigating these difficult times, it’s all too easy to miss helpful information as it gets lost in the sea of updates. Below are just a few of our recent posts that we believe are worth a view when you have a few minutes. 


Work from home healthy habits

Our post relating to working from home healthy habits will give you some thoughts and ideas around your (and your staff/colleagues) mental and physical wellbeing. If you haven’t read it, you can view it here. 


Cyber Security

There is a elevated level of cybercrime activity than usual, preying on the vulnerable state many of us find ourselves in at the moment. We put together a brief post on the subject here with some helpful links. 



Registration for JobKeeper is open and many businesses are now registered to receive the JobKeeper payments to assist with their staff’s wages. The number is still well down when compared to those that registered their interest though. There is some confusion around eligibility and concern regarding the required payments (and their deadline) prior to being reimbursed. If you haven’t brought yourself up to speed on this and need to. There is some great information available on the SmartCompany website here.  


3E Update 

We continue to work hard on ensuring we maintain our levels of service for both our partners and our clients during these difficult times. If you have any queries that you would like addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are here and willing to help.  

If you would like to catch up with all our recent posts, you can do so here. 

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive.