The swiss army knife of volume based agreements

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3E Advantage is pleased to announce the official launch of our new Print Services Payment Solution. Designed specifically for those partners who want a flexible, transparent and fair solution for their print clients.

Having worked either alongside or from within the print industry for over 15 years I have seen a variety of volume based agreements in my time under a variety of different banners. When I first entered the industry it started out as either a Cost per Copy Contract or a Pay per Print Agreement. Nowadays volume based agreements tend to fall under the very large umbrella definition of Managed Print Services (MPS). Whilst an MPS agreement is far more than just a volume based agreement it is often (not always) the mechanism used in billing a client for the print services you provide.

It is fair to say that it has not always been plain sailing with volume based agreements. Whilst I am personally passionate about such solutions volume based agreements have been abused in the past.

And that is why at 3E Advantage we take a very considered approach to our product development.

  • Does it meet with the clients expectations?
  • Does it meet with our partners expectations?
  • Is it fair for both parties?
  • Does it achieve the benefits it should for both parties?
  • Is the execution and process simple to follow?
  • Does it align to the values of 3E?

There needs to be a balanced approach to a volume based agreement. If it is too heavily weighted in favour of the end user client, then the supplier will end up losing money, service will deteriorate and the client will inevitably end up unhappy.

If it is weighted too heavily in favour of the supplier, then the client will inevitably end up paying far more than they should, not achieve the cost saving they were trying to achieve in the first place and can end up terminating any agreement with supplier early.

Neither outcome is a win for either party. However with the 3E Print Services we believe we have achieved that balance correctly.
Our approach to market is not simply to provide you a solution and let you find your own way. Extensive time has been spent on not only developing the solution, but ensuring we provide a thorough training package for our business partners.

To book your free Print Services consultation today contact our team.

You can also check out the product page of our website here to learn more on our Print Services Payment Solution.

Author – Craig Birchall