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Do your clients really know all you have to offer? I have to admit that we can do a better job of explaining all the services we can deliver here at 3E Advantage. We are very well known for our expertise in office technology payment solutions but it has become clear that many of our clients did not know that we also do a lot of motor vehicle funding as well.

It came as quite a surprise to me last week when I was told that a client was not aware we financed motor vehicles. The client was very pleased with the payment solution we were able to develop and in fact saved him a considerable amount of money and enabled him to place the business with someone they knew and trusted. With the funding panel we have at our disposal for motor vehicles we decided we needed to get a clear message to our network that we have excellent payment solution options for motor vehicles.

This may be a blatant plug but we truly believe it is in the interest of our network to let them know we are able to help them when they next look to purchase a new car for business purposes.
Whether you are a business owner, sales professional or need your car for business purposes, 3E Advantage will be happy to assist you. You will be delighted with what is on offer.

It might be worth reflecting on all the things you have to offer to your network and relationships that you may not yet be famous for and make sure you let them know. We are going to put a great deal more work into outlining our broader products and services to our network so that they know all the value we can add.

It might seem like sales 101 but when you become so focused on your core specialty you can sometimes overlook other things that your clients and partners did not know you offer that add significant value to them.

So if you are looking to update your car or refinance your current one, contact 3E Advantage.

Author – Peter MacMillan