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It’s not a trick.

For years the team at 3E Advantage have been working with a variety of partners across multiple industries; Print, IT, Telephony, Furniture, Medical… and the list goes on.

We have applied the same methodology to all the partners we have worked with and have gained significant traction over the last year, especially with our software partners. We have helped them to improve their cashflow, increase their sales and retain more clients.

But what is the magic. What is the trick behind our success and the success of our partners?

Well it’s not that complicated. There is no magic, there is no sneaky sales approach. It comes down to the very simple approach of applying the fundamentals and working with the right partner.

Whether it be the 3E Advantage – Payment Solution, or any other form of finance offer, the same message rings true. “You do not lose an opportunity by quoting a payment solution, however you can miss out on opportunities by not having it as part of your proposal”.

So what do we mean by this? More and more of our partners have come to realise that by simply providing the option of a weekly, monthly or sometimes quarterly payment solution as part of their proposal they are able to capture more clients.

When a proposal is sent to a client with only an upfront cash price some customers will have a variety of genuine reasons why they cannot proceed. The solution has not been budgeted for, or their cash flow is not currently in a position where a one off large expenditure is appropriate for their business, at this point in time, to mention just a couple.

However, by adding a payment solution to your proposal, without being asked, you are already providing your clients the solution to these objections. A monthly payment solution may enable them to bring forward the delivery, overcome internal objections, or even increase the solution to add more value.

Clients who have the cash and budget allocated will not be turned off by a payment solution included in the proposal. However, for those that do not you are immediately providing a solution to their problem.

At 3E Advantage our approach is simple. Using the 3E’s, Evaluate. Enable. Evolve., we work with our partners not only on the transaction but also to ensure that their sales approach and proposal capture more sales and overcome objections.

With the right partners working together, it really isn’t that complicated.

Author – Craig Birchall