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Now that IT Nation is over, I am back in Sydney and fortunately have avoided (just about) the effects of the dreaded jet lag. So was our investment, in time and money, worth the trip to IT Nation 2015?

Absolutely, without doubt.

IT Nation is the quintessential event for any Managed Service Provider (MSP). With over 3,000 attendees and 100 plus break-out sessions, the networking and learning opportunities are near on impossible to avoid. But stop right there you say. 3E Advantage is not an MSP? No we are not, but we do support a number of MSP’s across Australasia. We are a value add payment solutions provider and unless you understand the industry you are attempting to support there is no possible way in which you can add value. Sales 101.

So some of our objectives included getting a better understanding of the industry, learn what challenges MSP’s face in other parts of the world and understand how we may be able to assist our partners here in Australasia overcome sales objections, retain margins and ultimately grow sales.
All objectives absolutely achieved.

What we also learnt is that the challenges MSP’s face in Australasia are not unique. Break fix contracts are a thing of the past and the “as a service” phenomenon continues to grow momentum. This does not, however, need to mean that a month by month ‘convenience contract’ is the solution to the “as a service” trend. In fact whilst some industries suggest this is the new way forward most MSP’s, and their clients, feel that this thought process is a little short sighted.

“As a service” sounds great in theory, however partnering with an MSP should be a relationship that grows in value over time. Businesses evolve, the amount of data being consumed is growing at an astronomical pace and the ongoing evolution in technology means companies are missing out on internal efficiency, which can lead to various negative outcomes, not least of all frustrated staff and clients.

So how do you overcome this perception that ‘convenience contracting’ is the way forward? Through your value proposition.
There are case studies that will show a 12 month contract, a 3 year contract, anything other than month to month results in trusted long term relationship that benefits both parties. In all reality contracting with an MSP will also result in a better financial outcome for all.

So where do we fit in to all of this?
We add to the value proposition of our MSP partners.

How? Well that’s for another time, but if you can’t wait contact us and ask about the 3E Advantage.

Author – Craig Birchall