Are MSP’s finally catching MPS’s

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For years the Print Industry have led the way in terms of how they present their solution to market. They have known that with the rate technology evolves it is neither good for their clients nor good for their own business to have ageing technology out in the field.

It can cost the business more to maintain and can stall a client’s ability to improve internal efficiency. for as long as i have worked in the industry Managed Print Service providers (MPS’S) have cornered the market of hardware as a rental (HAAR) and more recently hardware as a service (HAAS). The solution has taken many forms over many years and continues to evolve providing the end user the ultimate control and felxibility.

In fact for the very best in the industry the notion of a cash price can often be met with befuddlement.
However for whatever reason in my experience the SME Managed Service Providers (MSP’S) or IT resellers have never really adopted the concept with the same level of vigour. The notion of selling hardware as a service (HAAS) or hardware as a rental (HAAR) has often been met with equal bemusement.

But have times changed?

Software as a service (SAAS), is now emerging, correction, has emerged as the go to market strategy for a number of software solution providers. Whether this has been influenced by the marketing trend that surrounds “cloud solutions” or whether it has emerged as a necessity to lower the entry point or create a re-occurring revenue stream, it doesn’t really matter.
So is this shift in strategy from software solution providers influencing the mindset of Managed Service Provider’s or the more traditional IT hardware reseller? Som of the big names in the industry have offered HAAS or HAAR for years/decades.

For others who do not have the same level of risk appetite or the balance sheet to support HAAS, it can seem daunting. But in general I would have to suggest that more and more MSP’S have managed to make the transition from box movers to solution providers and furthermore to HAAR.

It is a “win win” outcome resulting in numerous benefits for both the clients and the MSP’S.

A trend that has been successful in print for years could now finally become the norm for IT, further evidence of the ongoing convergence of both industries.

Author – Craig Birchall