How to leverage multiple relationships for the benefit of all

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Let me explain …

Recently, a valued partner of 3E who was providing a software and services solution to one of their clients, introduced us to their client in order that we could provide a 3-year payment solution, rather than them paying the full amount up front.

The client had a long standing relationship with their bank, but in the time it took their bank to even respond to the clients’ simple request for a quote, we had quoted a repayment, put an application in place, obtained an approval, sent and received signed documentation to/from the client, requested and received an invoice to/from our partner and paid our partner the full amount of the solution. We required no financial statements, no Directors Guarantees and the client was over the moon with the speed and quality of our service.

Within the above process the client informed us they were updating their software due to the fact that they were expanding their business and also moving to larger premises. As we progressed the discussions further we informed them that, as well as Software, we could also provide payment solutions for all business assets, including furniture and workstations. The client was very interested as they were keen to avoid any large cashflow outlays and they said they would let us know when they decided upon a supplier for their new office fitout. At this point we informed them that another 3E partner is a furniture and fitout company and would they mind if we could ask our partner to quote for the work.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and our furniture and fitout partner had secured the deal and were able to move jobs around in order to meet our clients’ (very short) deadlines for their office move, with the result being that there was no disruption to their business.

The client is now working away within their new premises and they are already growing faster than they anticipated to the extent they have acquired some new IT hardware, which 3E were very grateful to provide another payment solution for.

With that in mind, who wins in a partnership with 3E?

Original Software supplier? – YES. They have already bought into the benefits which we provide but the client, who happens to be an Accountancy practice, is now recommending the Software provider to all of their clients

CLIENT? – YES. Our payment solution enabled them to get the latest Software product and all associated services without any upfront expenditure

Furniture supplier? – YES. They secured a good deal with a client whom they would never have known had it not been for the introduction by 3E.

CLIENT? – YES. They trusted our referral and that saved them significant time and effort as they didn’t have the bandwidth at that time to chase various potential furniture and fitout suppliers

New IT supplier? – YES. Paid in full up front with zero hassle. They now have a payment solutions provider they are proud to introduce to their clients.

3E? – YES. A very happy client first and foremost but we have also been introduced a new IT supplier who we are building a partnership with.

Just by engaging with our clients and doing what we do every day, enables us to be part of experiences such as the above and that constantly reinforces the value we provide to all our stakeholders

Who benefits from 3Es long term relationship focus? EVERYONE

Author – Brian Swan – “challenging the status quo for the benefit of all our stakeholders”