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Print fleet flexibility and cost centre billing with 3E’s Fleet Advantage solution

Our Client

Our client is a large country health service, covering 2.5 million square kilometres, who are committed to providing a quality health care workforce and accessible health services to the regional population they service.
With 70 hospitals, they handle almost as many emergency presentations as hospitals in the metropolitan area combined, and almost as many births as the State’s major maternity hospital.

Our Clients Challenge

The client required managed print solutions for their many geographically distant and sometimes disparate campuses. Conventional managed print solutions left them wanting, with their inability to bill the overarching entity with campus level detailed breakdowns and bills for the various locations, down to each device.
Adding to the billing, many previously investigated payment solutions required them to complete a new agreement for each campus, whenever they needed to modify their fleet of print devices.
The lack of flexibility and transparency often meant additional administration for the client to manage the print devices and associated billing on a site-by-site basis.

3E’s Solution

3E introduced our client to the 3E Fleet Advantage solution. Fleet Advantage is designed specifically for large fleets of revolving print devices that are managed and billed down to a cost centre. In the case of our client, this meant that they could sign a Master Fleet Agreement as the health group and individual campuses can then execute schedules and variations as their fleet need evolved.
Our client appreciates the detailed invoicing by campus down to individual devices and the ease at which their fleet can be varied to meet changing demand at each of their sites, without disrupting the other sites, or requiring a complete re-write of the entire agreement.



Our Client has:

  1. Internal time-saving, with improved detailed invoicing down to location and device level reducing the administration burden during reconciliation.
  2. Greater flexibility, with the use of the Master Agreement allowing them to add or remove devices in a straightforward manner, without finalising the agreement.
  3. Greater transparency of costs and use via 3E’s detailed invoice reporting, allowing them to make informed decisions when reviewing and optimising their large fleet of devices with their partner.

Summary of Benefits

  1. Internal time-saving by reducing the administration burden during reconciliation
  2. Greater flexibility with the ability to add or remove devices in a straightforward manner
  3. Greater transparency, allowing them to make informed decisions about their device fleet.

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