Software & Services

Conventional lenders have traditionally shied away from 100% software finance. However, here at 3E we have bucked that trend.

We appreciate the mission critical nature of software (and associated services) in today’s business world and, as such, we have introduced the 3E Software and Services Agreement, which provides your clients with the optimal payment solution when you are deploying a software solution for them. Software solutions, licenses, installation, training, consultancy and service costs from a variety of suppliers can all be combined into one simple agreement and payment.

Your clients benefits

Not just the license fee

Your clients Software & Services payment solution can include licenses, installation, training, consulting and professional services costs.

3E can also fund the GST inclusive total, thereby improving your clients cashflow further.

Save that capital

Software implementations can be costly. Your client can avoid having to allocate precious capital to pay for the software solution up-front. They can align the payments with income generating or cost saving operations, paying for the solution as the benefits are realised, over 12-36 months.

Transparency and no fees

Payments are fixed from the outset of the agreement giving your client cashflow certainty. They will know exactly what they are going to pay throughout the term of their 3E Software and Services Agreement.

An additional benefit to dealing with 3E is that there are no upfront administration or documentation fees to be paid.