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One of the most innovative volume-based agreements available in the market today.

Our Print Services agreement incorporates multiple billing options that can be aligned to your businesses needs. These billing options provide a level of flexibility which other providers simply cannot offer.


3E’s Print Services payment solution caters for:

  • Single Volume
  • Split Volume
  • Fixed Rental
  • Different service rates

Giving you optional flexibility to match your requirements.

Make the complex simple

Regardless of which of the many 3E Print Services payment solution options suit you, our transparent documentation ensures you know exactly what you are going to pay and there are no administration or documentation fees.

One bill with multiple options

Billing options that can be aligned to your business model. Our solution can be structured in various ways to suit your requirements:

  • Minimum versus Actual – whichever is greater
  • Quarterly Reconciliation – billed minimums for months 1 and 2 with a reconciliation in month 3
  • Offset – Prepaid minimum per period reduces future excess.