Regardless of the product, service or solution you are selling 3E is the perfect partner for you.

The 3E team has extensive knowledge across a number of industries and the experience needed to design, implement and operate a sales-aid payment solution offering which is customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Simple and fast process

Keep it simple. Our partners deal with 3E because of the response times we give them, particularly around applications and settlements.

We require minimal information to get a decision on an application and we settle transactions to you on a daily basis.


Your time is precious and, as such, 3E provide all our partners with training sessions which are unique in the industry in that we have short, sharp sessions which can be as concise as 15 minutes. We can also provide more detailed training when we are launching new products or when you have a new staff member joining the team, or as your team requires.

We typically conduct training sessions with our partners on a rolling monthly basis, however we can be as flexible as you require.


Our job as your finance partner is to allow you to concentrate on selling your products or services and giving your clients maximum value.

At 3E we will provide your staff with the knowledge that will allow them to add even more value to your clients by providing them with the optimal payment solution when they are acquiring your products and services.

Variety of Programs

3E Programs bring simplicity and independence to your offering with 3E staff liaising directly with your clients, on your behalf, from the outset, thereby keeping your sales team completely informed. The 3E Program offers ease of use, process and consistent documentation across a broad range of products.

Co-branded Programs carry both your and 3E’s brands to leverage the strength of both and still enable you to keep track of your client base throughout the agreement term for maximum upgrade opportunities.
Undisclosed, or ‘private label’, Programs are identified exclusively with your brand to leverage its strength and give your clients assurance of transaction continuity at the point of sale and throughout the life of their agreement.


Communication is a vital aspect of any business relationship and at 3E we realise the value in regular open and honest discussions.

We take the time to sit down face to face with each of your sales team, on a regular basis, and do a detailed review of the opportunities in their respective pipelines.

3Es proactive approach to pipeline management enables your sales staff to stay focussed on what they are employed to do, sell. We not only increase the productivity of your sales team, but we are also increasing the resources within your sales team at no cost to your own business.

Quoting Tools

Client experience is of paramount importance for all providers of products and services, and in order to speed up this process 3E can provide our partners with a variety of quoting tools which enables you to quote the client at the point of sale without even contacting us, should you wish.

Our tools are very user friendly and can range from straight forward ‘vanilla’ quotes to more detailed, and structured, quotes as you require.

The 3E team will give full training on the use of these quoting tools and we can alter them to suit your exact requirements.

Daily Settlements

Our partners often tell us that one of the key components for them is cashflow and ensuring that they get paid in a timely fashion.

The 3E Advantage means that we arrange payment to you as soon as we get correctly completed paperwork back from yourself and the client.

Unlike some of our competitors we don’t pay our suppliers on a set day of the week or the month – we settle transactions on each and every business day of the year.

Billing & Collecting

3E have spent significant time on ensuring our processes around collecting your clients’ monies are fast, safe and secure.

We have automated our payment processes which ensure the utmost efficiency, and we can provide you with real time data around all of your clients’ accounts.

Our billing cycles have been designed to be more client and partner friendly, which ultimately makes your, and your clients, jobs easier.

At 3E we appreciate the time and effort required in collecting monies from your clients, therefore by partnering up with us we can take that administrative burden and cost away from your Accounts Receivable team.

Pro-active Reporting

Lead generation is vital to the sustainability and growth of any business who are providing products and services to clients. 3E can assist you in this by providing pro-active reports which are generated directly from our systems.

We can provide any manner of reporting you require regarding your clients’ dealings with us. A good example of a standard report which we provide is end of term notifications, whereby 3E provide you with a report 18 months, 12 months, 9 months, 6 months and 3 months from the end of your clients’ contract.

All reports are provided directly, and exclusively, to the partner who introduced us the original transaction.

Extensive product range

In addition to the ‘vanilla’ finance products such as Rental, Lease, Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage, 3E can add significant value to your go to market offering by providing payment solutions which are custom built to meet your clients’ needs.

If you are a provider of business products or services 3E can provide a payment solution on a standalone basis or consolidated with other products and services within one payment plan.

Print Services
Fleet Advantage
Software and Services
Rental with maintenance

One of the most innovative volume based agreements available in the market today, 3Es Print Services Agreement is designed specifically for (although not limited to) the Print industry.
If it can be measured, then this could be the option for you.

Print Services is a volume-based agreement, which incorporates our unique client and partner friendly billing. It includes all the flexibility you require to ensure you exceed your clients’ expectations.
With multiple options to sell in a way that others simply cannot match, 3Es Print Services Agreement will give you the point of differentiation you have been looking for.

Whether you are a Managed Print Services supplier or a Managed Services supplier, 3Es Fleet Advantage could be the product that you have been waiting for.  Fleet Advantage is a solution designed specifically for those larger fleets.

3Es Fleet Advantage solution provides not only you, but also your clients the flexibility they require with a simple, no hassle process.

Manage the ‘ins and outs’ of an evolving fleet and ensure your clients have absolutely no reason to even consider talking to another party.

Volume based print devices, fixed Rental IT solutions, 100% software. Secure your client for the long term and confuse your competitors with the ease of transition.

Traditional lenders have always shied away from 100% software finance. However, here at 3E we have bucked that trend.

We appreciate the mission critical nature of software (and associated services) in today’s business world and, as such, we have introduced the 3E Software and Services Agreement, which provides your clients with the optimal payment solution when you are deploying a software solution to them.

Software solutions, licenses, installation, training, consultancy and service costs from a variety of suppliers can all be combined into one simple agreement and payment.

Rental, or Operating Lease, is a traditional product which clients utilise when they are acquiring equipment from you.

An add-on to the ‘vanilla’ Rental product which 3E provides is that we can collect the maintenance on your behalf, directly from the client and pass it through to you as we collect it.

The benefits to the client are that it is seamless billing from one source and the benefits to you are that it is an easier sell at the outset, your cashflow will improve and you have no administrative burden regarding collection.

As the market has evolved to selling everything “as a service”, 3E is constantly refining our product set with smart payment solutions which are wrapped around your clients’ needs.

To find out more about the flexible solutions we provide, contact one of our finance specialists

Variety of Funding Options

We appreciate that you may have existing providers of asset finance solutions, however a large part of the 3E value proposition is that we have multiple funding sources whom we partner with.

At 3E, we source funding from large global and local financial institutions which means we can leverage their significant strength. Allied to our local knowledge, experience and service levels the partnerships we enjoy enable us to offer the most compelling offer to you.

On your behalf, we have negotiated extremely attractive terms with all our funding sources and, as such, your partnership with 3E enables you to offer your client the very best value solution for them.

You have the additional comfort that a partnership with us gives you many of the best funding options in the world but you only deal with 3E staff.