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During these uncertain times, 3E Advantage would like to take this opportunity to wish all our staff, partners and clients good health during this COVID-19 crisis. Please stay safe and know that we are in this together.

Throughout the crisis, 3E Advantage will be maintaining this page to provide helpful updates to our stakeholders regarding not only our operational situation but also general economic and health updates.

We will also provide links that our various stakeholders may find useful as we navigate this crisis. 

Again, we are in this together. Let’s help each other through this and minimise the impact to all where possible.

3E Advantage - a COVIDsafe workplace 20/05/2020

In response to the NSW Government’s move to ease restrictions from Friday 15th May, in-line with stage 1 of the Federal Government’s 3 step framework for a COVIDsafe Australia, 3E Advantage has re-opened its North Sydney office from Monday 18th May, whilst adhering to a COVIDsafe workplace plan.

Our plan will ensure:

  1. Staff maintain safe distancing of at least 1.5 metres, with desks and cubicles spread to maintain 1.5 metres between them
  2. Staff will practice good hygiene and are reminded of this by way of signage and instructions throughout the workplace
  3. Staff are directed to stay home if feeling unwell, no matter how subtle their symptoms and are encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 test before returning to the office
  4. Elevated cleaning and disinfecting of communal areas by our commercial cleaners
  5. Where possible during step 1, staff have been directed to avoid physical external meetings and external visitors to our office
  6. Staff who travel on public transport are encouraged to follow the directions of the transit officials and government guidelines.
  7. Lastly, staff are encouraged to download the COVIDsafe app.


Staff have been given the option to return if they want/need to but as per the federal Government’s 3 step plan, 3E staff maintain the option to work from home. As we have previously outlined, 3E are well positioned to maintain our high levels of service to our partners and clients while working remotely due to the cloud-based nature of our systems and custom solutions.

Funder Impact Assessment - 7/05/2020

As Australian funders begin to analyse how the current unprecedented COVID-19 crisis is impacting their current portfolio and new lending, many have made adjustments to their application process to more thoroughly assess a businesses current financial position. These changes are in-line with the industries responsible lending obligations and ultimately benefit all parties. 

If you are seeking new funding in this current climate, please be aware of the additional questions that may be asked by your financier. Initially, many financiers will simply wish to know whether COVID-19 has had an impact on your financial results. If yes -as is the case with many businesses- they will wish to know whether you have requested any payment assistance for other lending facilities you may have. If assistance has been requested, it is likely that they will require further financial information to assist with their credit process for this additional arrangement.

The funders wish to verify that in the current climate, you have the capacity to service the new debt and to understand this, they may require additional financial information that in positive economic times, would be reserved for complex or large value transactions. 

Current Operational Update - 26/03/2020

3E Advantage is now working entirely remotely. As per the Federal Governments advice, we are maintaining physical distance. We are however, maintaining social connection through our various cloud based collaboration tools.

We use Microsoft Teams to stay connected with each other via video and voice calls along with individual instant chats and group channel chats.

We maintain our transaction workflow as it is entirely cloud based using Microsoft Dynamics 365 so we are here to support our partners, clients and funders on all transaction and agreement related matters.


If you are struggling within your own business from a system/remote working perspective or just need help in deploying Microsoft Teams, please do not hesitate to reach out to our trusted partner ECLEVA. They are offering free 6 month trial licenses of Microsoft Teams and will assist organisations in deployment at no cost.  https://www.ecleva.com/ecleva-here-to-help-you-work-remotely/

Hardship Requests via COVID Assist

We have established a team to manage any requests from clients in relation to hardship.

For any clients experiencing hardship that wish to request assistance, you can do so by completing this form.


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