Fleet Advantage

Fleet Advantage

3E’s Fleet Advantage solution is a one-stop-shop for Managed Print Services or Managed Services suppliers, specifically designed for those larger, revolving fleets.

From volume-based print devices, to fixed rental IT assets, software and services, all can be incorporated into a single solution.

Our Fleet Advantage solution allows you to manage the ‘ins and outs’ of a dynamic fleet of technology and services in a manner which is user-friendly for both you and your client. As the supplier, we can give you full transparent access via 3E Insights, to detailed reporting showing device usage for volume-based assets, service income and the balance of the 3EIP.

For your customer, once their Fleet Advantage solution is up and running, adding and removing devices, technology or services becomes as simple as a single signature from your client. This efficiency allows for your client to get what they need sooner, which will deepen their relationship with you as supplier and their trust in the Fleet Advantage solution.

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Your clients benefits

Make the complex simple

Different locations often require different service rates. You may want to include fixed rental, IT assets or solutions, or remove and replace devices on a regular basis, or even include one off items which are not financed. All of these (and much more) can be accommodated within your clients 3E Fleet Advantage solution.


Our market leading signature payment solution, Fleet Advantage product is volume based and allows your client to manage the ‘ins and outs’ of a dynamic fleet of technology and services throughout the life of the agreement.

One bill with cost centre billing

Our unique billing options provide your client with the ability to receive a single bill for all their costs incurred for the month from you as the service provider.

In addition to one bill, they can elect to receive detailed cost centre billing to better manage the allocation of costs to business units or office locations.