About this Policy

This document is the credit reporting policy of 3E Advantage Pty Limited (ABN 12 603 824 871) (“we”, “us”, “our”) and sets out how we will comply with the credit reporting obligations contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”) and the Credit Reporting Code as registered under section 26S(1) of the Privacy Act.
In this policy, “credit-related information” means credit information, credit eligibility information and CRB derived information as those terms are defined in the Privacy Act.

We may provide products or services to you on credit. We may conduct a credit check on you (or your directors, partners, drivers or other authorised representatives) before you become a client of ours.
This policy sets out information about credit reporting that is relevant to you if: (a) you are an individual applying for credit from us, or who is an existing client of ours, or (b) we deal with you in connection with credit applied for by, or provided to, another client, such as if you are a guarantor or proposed guarantor for that credit or if you are a director of a company obtaining credit.


Our collection of credit-related information

In order to assist us in determining whether we will provide any products or services to you (or to your related company or other entity) on credit, we may collect, hold, use and disclose credit-related information about you. We may obtain this information in a variety of ways, such as directly from you or from third parties, including from credit reporting bodies and other credit providers, your employer, if any, or your appointed representative/s.


Types of credit-related information we collect

Examples of the types of credit-related information we collect, hold, use and disclose include:

  • your identification details such as name, gender, date of birth, marital status, number of dependents, drivers licence number, address (current and most recent past addresses), name of employer, contact details;
  • statement/s of your assets and liabilities, banking or credit card account details and other financial information and related documentation and details of your application for commercial credit;
  • information about any credit provided to you by other credit providers, such as other financial institutions, utilities or telecommunications providers, including any credit that you have applied for or guaranteed;
  • your credit history, including details of any credit defaults and any late or missed repayments that you have made in relation to credit provided to you and any credit rating or credit assessment score determined by us or provided to us by a credit reporting body;
  • the fact that credit provided to you by third parties has been paid or otherwise discharged;
  • court proceedings information about you such as information about a judgment of an Australian court that is made against you or that relates to credit provided to, or applied for, by you;
  • personal insolvency information about you, if any, such as that recorded in the National Personal Insolvency Index; and
  • publicly available information about you relating to your activities and your creditworthiness.


The exchange of information about you with credit reporting bodies (“CRBs”)

We may obtain credit-related information about you from CRBs. This includes information of the kind listed under the heading ‘Types of credit-related information we collect’.
We may also disclose your credit-related information to CRBs. Those CRBs may include that information in reports that they provide to other credit providers to assist them to assess your creditworthiness. We share credit-related information with the following CRB/s:

Veda Advantage

PO Box 964
North Sydney NSW 2059

Each CRB is required to have a policy for managing your credit-related information and you may access these by contacting them directly. A CRB may in some cases use your credit-related information for permissible direct marketing activities whether from us or other credit providers. If you do not wish for a CRB to so use your credit-related information, you should contact them directly to ask for your information to be excluded from such activities.

Where you reasonably believe that you have been, or are likely to be, a victim of fraud, you may request a CRB not to use or disclose your information. You must contact the relevant CRB/s directly should this be the case.


The disclosure of credit-related information to other third parties

Where permitted by law, we may also share credit-related information with other third parties, including with:

  • financiers for whom we act as agent and the respective related bodies corporate, contractors or service providers of those parties;
  • intermediaries including introducers, financial advisers, accountants, lawyers;
  • current or prospective guarantors in relation to credit we are providing to you;
  • relevant contractors and service providers to us;
  • financiers and rating agencies involved in the funding, refinancing, assignment of debt, sale or securitisation arrangements; and
  • other credit providers.


Purposes for which we may collect, hold, use and disclose your credit-related information

We collect, hold, use and disclose your credit-related information for purposes reasonably necessary to conduct our normal business activities and in compliance with the Privacy Act. Such purposes include:

  • to process your application/s to us (this might include evaluating your creditworthiness, or deciding whether to accept you as a guarantor);
  • to arrange, administer and manage any credit or service provided by us to you or to facilitate the taking of action to recover any amounts owing in relation to the credit or service provided to you;
  • to detect and prevent instances of fraud, unlawful conduct, and other risks in relation to you or our products and services;
  • marketing products and services provided by us and our related entities;
  • developing an understanding of the products and services you may be interested in receiving from us and our related entities;
  • compiling statistical data e.g. credit scoring information
  • participating in the credit reporting system and exchanging information about your credit worthiness, credit history or credit capacity with CRBs as permitted by Part IIIA of the Privacy Act and the Credit Reporting Code;
  • assisting you in meeting your credit-related obligations;
  • dealing with serious credit infringements; and
  • to comply with applicable laws.


Security of your credit-related information

We take steps to ensure that the credit-related information that we hold about you is protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access or modification.

We store information in both physical and electronic form. Our employees and contractors are trained in the appropriate use and protection of your credit-related information. We have also implemented certain internal procedures and information technology security policies and systems to protect the information and limit access only to those requiring it for their legitimate activities.

In the course of our use of your credit-related information for the purposes listed above and where permitted by the Privacy Act we may disclose your credit-related information to third parties including service providers and financiers for whom we act as agent, that may be located in one or more overseas countries or hold information in overseas countries. Whilst it is not practicable to list every country in which such recipients are likely to be located, it is likely that the countries to which your credit-related information may be disclosed include: the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and other countries of which we may notify you from time to time (including at the time of collecting your information).


Access and correction of your credit-related information

You may access the credit-related information that we hold about you by contacting us using the contact details set out below. We will need to verify your identity before providing you with access to this information. We will use our best endeavours to respond to your request in a reasonably timely and appropriate manner.

You can also request that we correct any credit-related information that we hold about you if you believe that this information is inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading. Such request can be made by using the contact details set out below. We will respond to your request within 30 days (or such longer period as you may agree or we may advise upon receipt of your request).

We do not charge our clients for making a request for access or for making any corrections to your credit-related information. However, we may in some circumstances charge a reasonable administrative fee to cover our costs of providing access in accordance with your request.


Concerns or Complaints

If you have concerns or wish to complain about any failure by us to comply with the Privacy Act or the Credit Reporting Code in relation to our handling of your credit-related information, you can contact us directly using the details below. We will treat your complaint confidentially, investigate it promptly and notify you of the results of our investigation.

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint or our proposed resolution, you may in some cases refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (“OAIC”) (for more information see the website

If your complaint relates to our failure to provide access to or to correct any credit-related information that we hold about you, you may lodge a complaint directly with OAIC.


Contacting us

If you have any questions about this credit reporting policy or if you have any concerns or a complaint regarding the management of your credit-related information, you should contact us at the following details:

The Privacy Officer
3E Advantage Pty Limited
Level 4, 80 Mount Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

1300 332 382



Changes to this Policy

From time to time, it may be necessary for us to change this credit reporting policy, including in order to comply with any future amendments to the Privacy Act, the Credit Reporting Code or related laws or regulations. We will notify you of any changes by posting an updated version on our website(s).
This credit reporting policy was last updated in June 2015.