Rental with Maintenance

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Rental with maintenance

An add-on to the β€˜vanilla’ Rental product which 3E provides is our Rental with Maintenance solution. We can bill the maintenance on your behalf, directly from the client and pass it through to you as we collect it.

The benefits to the client are that it is seamless billing from one source. The benefits to you are that it is an easier sell at the outset, your cashflow will improve and you have no administrative burden regarding maintenance collection.

Your clients benefits

Conserve capital

If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, rent it. Your client can conserve their valuable capital for other business expenses and avoid potential cash flow concerns by renting their income generating assets.

Align term to useful life

Your client can align their Rental term to the useful life of their assets. Gain the benefit of the asset immediately, while paying for the use over the life of the asset.

Payments under a 3E Rental are fixed for the entire term of the Agreement.

One bill

One bill from one source for equipment and maintenance removes additional administrative burden from your client.