Managed Services

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Do you have a client requiring an all-inclusive Payment solution, but they are hesitant to go down a pure cost per use model?

3Eā€™s Managed Services product provides your client with peace of mind on their monthly spend, based around a pre-agreed monthly volume.

A Managed Services agreement introduces your client to volume-based contracts, allowing you to build trust and secure more volume in the future, via another Managed Services agreement or another of 3Eā€™s products.

Your clients benefits


Our Managed Service payment solution is a volume based product which provides your client with the benefit of an all-inclusive payment based on a pre-determined volume. This can include soft costs such as maintenance, professional services or consumables (if applicable), as well as the hardware.

Save time and money

A pre-agreed all-inclusive payment means your client doesn’t have the administrative burden of reconciliation issues every month, thereby saving time for their Accounts Payable department and money for their business.

Budget certainty

Introduce certainty to your clients budget by removing the inherent variability of maintaining and supporting devices that can now be covered with an all-inclusive payment.

Any costs associated with excesses to the pre-determined volume are documented at the outset so your client knows exactly how much they are going to pay.